With Love2Learn, you’re the boss.


Become a driving instructor and run your own business and schedule.


tickSet up your small business and get ongoing support and work.

tickChoose between permanent and non-permanent car signage.

tickTake complete control of your calendar and clients.

tickWork whenever and wherever you want.

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Why work with Love2Learn?

Love2Learn Driving School is currently expanding and is looking for quality instructors to join our already stellar team. Whether you are looking for 30 hours or 5 hours a week, Love2Learn has a place for you.

Simple Terms:

  • Work the hours that suit you.
  • Complete control of your calendar and clients schedule (we don’t touch a thing).
  • No exclusivity to Love2Learn.
  • Wear Magnets while teaching for Love2Learn.

How to work with Love2Learn

Love2Learn is a modern driving school with modern attitudes and values. We offer driving instructors full autonomy, and value those who manage their business in the spirit of the Love2Learn. It’s true, our instructors pay the fairest commission of any school in Australia, and get rewards for good work. At the end of the day, we know the brand is nothing without the reputation of Love2Learn instructors. That said, we choose our people with care, thinking about how their attitude will reflect on the reputation of their peers.

If you want to work with our company, all we ask on top of that are our operating requirements:

  • We expect that you’ve held an Australian Open Driver’s Licence for 3+ years with an impeccable driving history.
  • We’d like you to drive a modern dual control vehicle in the gear you’d like to teach.
  • We need you to be reasonably tech-savvy and use a modern smart phone.
  • We want you to be friendly, calm, and have a good sense of humour.
  • We require you have a Cert IV in driver training
  • We ask that you carry a valid Blue Card.


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