Getting your learner licence

Everthing you need to know about how to get your learner licence

Getting your learner licence

Prerequisites are you

  • Must be a Queensland resident
  • Must complete a Driver Licence Application/Renewal form

Cost are

  • Road Rules Test – $23.10
  • Licence fee (3 years) – $160.55

What test(s) do you have to take?

  • Road Rules Test
  • An eyesight test

What’s on the test?

  • Part A 20 general road rules questions
  • Part B 10 ‘right of way’ questions

What score do you need to pass?

  • Part A at least 18 correct answers
  • Part B at least 9 correct answers

What study materials do I need?

Where do I take the test?

What do I bring to the test?

I’ve completed the requirements, now how do I get my learner licence?

  • Your learner licence will be issued to you on the spot when you successfully complete the required tests and pay the licence fee

What does having a learner licence mean?

  • You are now permitted to drive a car under supervision. Your supervisor must be someone with a full Australian driver’s licence
  • You must adhere to the special rules for learner drivers
  • Special rules for learner drivers
  • Must clearly display L plates on front and rear of the vehicle’s exterior
  • Must be supervised at all times by a person with a full Australian driver’s licence
  • Drivers under 25 must not exceed a blood alcohol level of 0.00%
  • Drivers 25 and over must not exceed a blood alcohol level of 0.05%
  • Cannot use a mobile phone (including hands-free devices)
  • Must carry learner licence when driving

If you are under 25, the next step is to get your P1 licence. To get your P1 licence, you must:

  • Have held your learner licence for a minimum of 12 months
  • Have completed 100 hours of supervised driving practice (including 10 hours at night), which must be recorded in the Learner Driver Logbook.
  • Before you can apply for your P1 licence, your Logbook must be assessed and passed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads

If you are over 25, you can apply directly for the P2 licence after 12 months on your learner licence.

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