Safe Driving

Thigns for the Test and Safe Driving

Dry Steering

Dry steering is the act of turning the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary. The most common occasions for my clients to dry steer is during the Three Point Turn (The official termanoligy is Turnaround). If performed during a driving test, dry steering is marked as a non-critical driving error.

Manoeuvres that is on the test sheet

The reverse parallel park is not the only manoeuvre you will have to do in your driving test. Your driving examiner will choose to assess your ability to perform from a few, of the following below.

  • Hill start
  • Turn-around
  • U-turn
  • Reversing in a straight line
  • Reverse parallel park
  • Gear change (for automatic tests)

Details on these manouevres ask the instructor to explain and work through it with you.

Manoeuvres – Reversing Straight

Here are a 3 common errors made while reversing straight:

  • First is for my Manual Clients,
  • 2nd and 3rd is for Manual and Auto

Clutch coasting:

Some of my clients are afraid of going too fast backwards, so are continually putting the clutch in and out to slow the vehicle. Your instructor will ensure you are releasing the clutch correctly during this manoeuvre.


Look where you’re going when reversing as there are blind spots. Turn your head, get a good look and watch out for hazards.


Only minor steering adjustment during reversing is needed. If you pull over to the curb parallel to the gutter ensuring you’re not too close when you come to a stop, you will likely find you don’t need to change your steering much or at all on your reverse.

Speed zones and Stop signs

Speed zones

One of the most common reasons why students fail their practical driving tests is speeding. Most know that the speed sign shows the maximum speed to be driven in a particular zone., when traveling from a higher to a lower speed zone area, you must already be at the lower speed when you pass the new sign. There is no Ifs and Buts its Absolute.

Stop signs

When you face a stop sign or line you need to bring your vehicle to a complete stop just behind the stop line. Almost stopping is not good enough Instant fail That’s Life get use to it, If you just do this (Stop at stop signs correctly) for your test and Pass your test, Then disregard these principles Don’t Complain when a Police Officer gives you a ticket

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